Wild Wild Horse Tour

If you’re looking for a tour that’s all about horses this one’s for you!  The day starts at the world-famous K3 Guest Ranch Bed & Breakfast where you’ll meet Stormy and Zip – the K3 Ranch Trick Horses.  Head Wrangler Jerry Kinkade will put the horses through their trick routines, then there will be time for some hands on petting and cracker feeding.  It’s a warm-up for the adventure to follow.

Just east of Cody, Wyoming roams one of the most majestic wild horse herds in America.  Inhabiting the 109,814 acre McCullough Peaks Herd Management Area these last vestiges of the true wild west still roam free.  Your Wild Wild Horse Tour will take you to see these incredibly majestic animals.

The McCullough Peaks wild horse herd is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), who works to maintain a population of 100 horses on the Management Area.  The BLM reported a population of 167 wild horses in January of 2008.  These amazing herd of wild horses comes in all shapes and sized.  Your Cody Wyoming Tours guide will point out  coat colors as common as brown and black, and as unique as piebald and skewald.  The herd is reported by the BLM to be ” moderate- to large-sized and habitat conditions are such that the horses are in very good condition.   The combination of size, conformation, coat colors and patterns, and excellent physical condition have become a draw for potential adopters and a matter of reputation for “McCullough Peaks” horses”.
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The management objective for the HMA is to maintain a population of 100 wild horses; as of January, 2008, the population was 167 animals.

Tour Schedule

9:00 am – K3 Guest Ranch Bed & Breakfast Trick Horses preform for tour guests

9:30 am – Cody Wyoming Tours van leaves for the McCullough Peaks

10:00 – 12:00 noon – The search begins for the various family bands of wild mustangs that inhabit the McCullough Peaks.  Photo opportunities abound.  Binoculars are provided.

12:30 pm – Return to K3 Guest Ranch at tours end.

Call (888) 587-2080 for tour information and reservations.

$79 per person (10 years and older); $49 per person (children under 10).

**** Tours will travel into and through many of Wyoming’s most popular spots for wildlife watching, however, there is no guarantee that wildlife will be spotted on every tour.